We fuse excellent service and high quality craftwork

Stainless Steel, 316, 304, 410, Aluminium, Mild Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium

Polished, Blasted, Electropolished, Anodized, Galvanised, Powder coat, Wet spray

Unless we can walk away and say that ‘we made that’, be proud of the fact, and that we exceed our customers’ expectations, we don’t feel as if our own goals have been met.
— Bruce Taylor, Director

Metals that matters

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Along with commercial architecture, Ashworth and Taylor is a sheetmetal “go-to for anything,” including wastewater treatment equipment, entertainment components, pharmaceutical and medical needs.

“We do all facets of industry shop and kitchen fit-outs — the sky’s the limit,” Taylor says. But it is the construction side of business the company is most proud of, as it “has been there since day one”.
— Chris Taylor, Director