Masters of sheetmetal in commercial
architecture or production solutions.


Ashworth and Taylor Sheetmetals Ltd was purchased by Bruce and Delwyn Taylor at the end of 1998 from Barry Ashworth resulting in a long history of quality, stretching back to our predecessor Ashworth Sheetmetals while carving our own path in a niche market. With complete confidence we are able to guarantee the continuing legacy of high quality and superior service consistently exploring methods that will improve that quality.

Continuous update and replacement of plant with high end specialised machinery targeting fast turnover, with high accuracy, in relatively low run quantities providing huge flexibility in house. This allows us to manufacture a wide range of items, controlling the entire process resulting in an ability to not only meet but also exceed our customers' expectations.

Collectively the staff of Ashworth and Taylor cover an extensive range of specialist knowledge making it a power in the construction and manufacturing industries. If it is sheetmetal in commercial architecture or production sheetmetals, Ashworth and Taylor Sheetmetals has to be your 1st port of call, no matter how menial or obscure.

Industry specialists regularly seek out Ashworth and Taylor Sheetmetals for advice and spec manufacturing demonstrating the company's standing in the industry..


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